Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Down in the Ghetto - Sister Carol(Black Cinderella, Jah Almighty LP)
Selassie I Teach Us - Jah Mason(Ranking Joe 7")
Wicked Babylon - U Brown(Ranking Joe 7")
Get On Up - Big Youth(Rock Holy, Negusa Nagast LP)
Hail Him - Sister Rasheeda(Rasheeda 12")
Hurt So Good - The Upsetters(Trojan 12")
Roady(Nutmen Mix) - Fat Freddy's Drop(Kartel 12")
Things Change - Warrior Queen(Soul Jazz 12")
Paper Planes - MIA(XL 12")
Notorious(Socios Version) - Turbulence(Ghetto Arc 12")
Sensi - White Label
White Label - Kromestar
Look to The East - The Bush Chemists(Conscious Sounds 10")
Bazaar - African Head Charge(On-U Sound LP)
The Further Down - Medium Medium(The Glitterhouse, Jem Records LP)
Death Disco - Public Image Limited (Virgin 7")
Kether Hot Kneves - A Certain Ratio(DD 12")
Bug in the Bassbin - Innerzone Orchestra(Planet E CD)
Deserter(Fourtet Remix) - Matthew Dear(Asa Breed, Ghostly CD)
Hiding Your Present From You - Arthur Russell(Audika CD)
Magnetic(Dub) - Ectomorph(Interdemensional Transmissions CD)
Mikrophone 1 - Karlhienz Stockhausen(Columbia LP)
Archangel(Lief Remix) - Burial(mp3)
Archangel - Burial(HyperDub LP)
Gys Low(Soultek Remix) - Polycubist(Zer0gsounds 12")
My Eyes Are Closed - Calvin Incline(Digital English 7")
D.E.O.M. Dub - Digital English(Digital English 7")
The First Cut Is The Deepest - Norma Fraser(Studio One 7")
SuperStar Remix - Jah Life (Jah Life 12")

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This weeks broadcast follows a little bit of a different format. Guest Ty Bertrand brings us field recordings from sufi mazars in Lahore Pakistan made while working on the film "Kashf". The word Kashf translates directly to "the unveiling", however its a sufi term which represnts something more akin to a metaphysical change. The film is currently in postproduction. We also listen to some recordings made by myself while in Pakistan in 2005.