Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dub the United

Talk to Them - Rev. Badoo (Jah Life 12")
Chant Rub A Dub - Al Cambell(Dynamite Records 7")
Reggae Explosion - PhIlip Fraser
Magic Man - Trevor Sparks (Digital English 7")
Dub in the Backseat - Upsetters (Clock Tower Classics 7")
Sacred Realm - Alpha and Omega (Tree of Life, A&O LP)
Giver of Life - Jah Shaka (Jah Shaka 12")
Williamsburg - Lynn Taitt (PK 10")
Ital Corner - Prince Jazzbo (Clock Tower LP)
Massacre in the Ghetto - Alpha & Omega(City of Dub A&O Records LP)
Congoman(Carl Craig Edit) - The Upsetters(Honest Jon's 12")
Run Come Dub - (Jah Screw Time1 12")
Painful Dub - Unknown (Guidance Dub Comp LP)
Android Rebellion - Black Uhuru (The Dub Factor, Island LP)
Life Inna Jailhouse - Afrikan Simba (Ayamba 10")
Shotta - Sluggy Ranks (Bionic DeeJay 7")
Where Did The Good Vibes Go? - Chezideck (Digital B 7")
Super Powers - Alpha Blondy (Cocody Rock, Sanachie LP)
Cay's Crays(One Self Remix) - Fat Freddy's Drop(Kartel 7")
Things a Gwaan - Andrew Bees (Basic Replay 12")
A Message to You Rudy - The Specials (Chrysalis LP)
Saxaphone No. 2 - Lord Kitchener (London is the Place for Me, Honest Jons LP)
Congo Man Chant - Earnest Ranglin (Island Jamaica Jazz 12")
Money is the Root of All Evil - Dan Boadi and the African Internationals(Aestuarium LP)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Jazz of Shape to Come

I wanna give back
more than the music
more than this track....

1.Skotiaro - Amampondo (Amampondo Alive! Claremont LP)
2.Shango- Olutinj:Drums of Passion (Columbia LP)
3.I Remember - Hamza El Din Escalay: The Water Wheel (Nonsuch LP)
4.Band 1:Dance Sfax - Unknown (Traditional Dance Music of Tunisia, Araf LP)
5.Enanga - Unknown(Africa:Cerimonial & Folk Music)
6.Dusk - Hallucinator (Chain Reaction 12")
7.Anna - Anna (Perlon 12")
8.Calypso - James Joyce's Ulysses Reading by students and faculty of State University College, Freedonia, NY, Folkways LP)
9.Song For Tracy Dixion Summers - Bennie Maupin (The Jewel in the Lotus, ECM LP)
10.Miss K - The Young Jazz Rebels (Plug Research 12")
11.Fuck Back - Burnt Friedman and the Nu Dub Players (Non-Place 12")
12.White Label - Dubloner
13.Romy - Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem(M Records LP)
14.Walking With Jah - Digital Mystikz(Soul Jazz 12")
15.Waves of Infinite Harmony - Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio(Ninja Tine 12")
16.Right Here in Front of You - Tony Allen and Unsung Heroes (Comet 12")
17.Metamorphosis - The Cheebacabra (Metamorphosis, Mackrosoft LP)
18.Hollywood - Sa-Ra Creative Partners (Good Music 12")
19.Before I Die - The Heliocentrics feating Guilty Simpson(Now Again Records 12")
20.Legal Alien - Freestyle Fellowship (To Whom it May Concern..., Sun Music LP)
21.Sodium Glusamate - MF Doom (Special Herbs, High Times Records 12")
22.Africa - Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers(Celluloid LP)
23.Is All Not One? - Tony Scott, Shinichi Yuize, Hozan Yamamoto(Music for Zen Meditation, Verve LP)
24.Hana - Asa Chang & Jun Ray (Jun Ray Chang Song LP)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Close the Vein

Interesting video in which Thomas Brinkmann demonstrates the means by which he makes rhythm tracks with simply a boxcutter and manipulated last grooves. This process seems to me to be a fantastic meta commentary on both techno and minimalism. Strange to make a music that stakes its livelyhood on its futureshock out the material detritus of other genres. Its hard to tell from the clip but it looks tp me like the center label of the record he's playing is an old columbia jazz record. I also wonder why he has chosen to cut most on the record away leaving only an oblong frame around the center label, was this decision technical or aesthetic? Of course there is a long history of using lock grooves in techno djing, my own first introductions into producing electronic music was manufacturing 4 to the floor kick tracks and synth washes to be pressed onto lock grooves as a way of making a quick buck.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Interesting ad from Japan for Kirin Lager featuring an older, grayer Yellow Magic Orchestra. This ad seems to be trafficing in some kind of post-modern reverse orientalism. YMO have always reversed and played into/with their otherness, and Sakamoto's solo work also travels this terrain. His work with David Sylvian in particular could be seen as a Japanese reinterpration of Englishless. Together they queer the orientalism of Sylvian's early work with Japan(the band not the nation) into something other than the sum of its parts. Yet Sylvian's work can definitely be seen as definitively English, part of off a tradition that stretches back through psyc and english folk, that includes artists as diverse as Coil, Bowie, Bauhaus, Current 93 and others. Imagine if Sakamoto had called his first band "England" and worn white face and saucer eye glasses... The bizarre cultural tension between these two island empires, which in many ways are mirror images of eachother informs their colaboration.....

thanks to radio ruido for thoughts and discussion.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Born to be happy, never born to be sad....

A valentines day dedication... A collection of tracks that could be losely termed "lovers rock", though that term is generally only applied to music from London's reggae scence, specifically stuff on the Ariwa label. The only track on todays show that fits that descrition is the amazing "Thank You For the Many Things You've Done" by Cassandra, taken here from the soundtrack to Franco Russolo's seminal 1983 film about the British reggae scence "Babylon". In Jamaica and New York, where most of these tracks hail from these types of songs are usually referred to simply as "girl tunes". Most of the tracks on today's show come from either Sly & Robbie's Taxi label, or Sir Coxsonne Dodd's Studio One Records or sub-labels of each. With the notable exception of the young and brilliant Bitty McLean(pictured above) whose music is released on London's Peckings imprint. Enjoy....

1. African Girl- Jigsy Dollar(Corner Stone Church of Music Congress 7")
2. Mi Love Mi Girl Bad-Flouran & Sanchez(Sonic Sounds Oldies 7")
3. Winner- Jim Nastic(Chaunting, Studio One LP)
4. Rude Boy - Lloyd Hemmings(Fire House 7")
5. Morning Ride-Yellowman (Mister Yellowman, Greensleeves LP)
6. Rocky Music-Struggle(Taxi 12")
7. I, Who Have Nothing- Philip Fraser (Roots Tradition 7")
8. Permanent Lover- Gregory Isaacs (African Museum 7")
9. Story Book Children- Ernest & the Soul Vendors (Studio One 7")
10.Baby Why - Cables (Studio One 7")
11. Walk Away From Love - Bitty McLean (Peckings 7")
12. Thank You For the Many Things You've Done - Cassandra (Babylon OST, Takoma LP)
13.Found Her - Munga (Militant Muzik 7")
14.Good Love - Cherine (Love and Devotion Compilation, Taxi CD)
15.Have You Ever Been in Love Before? - Dennis Brown (Taxi 12")
16.Come On Girl - Dennis Brown (Dynamite Records 7")
17.Moonlight Lover(Remix) - Barrington Levy (Renegade, Jah Life LP)
18.Love You Bad(Lioness) - Afrikan Simba (Salvation For the New Generation, Urban Gospel CD)
19.Love & Devotion - Jimmy Riley (Taxi 12")
20.Love & Devotion 2007 mix - Delly Ranks and Jimmy Riley (Love & Devotion Compilation, Taxi CD)
21.I Need Your Love - Slim Smith (Just a Dream, ClockTower LP)
22.A Cruising - Bitty McLean (Peckings 7")
23.Loving Arms - Count P AllStars (Collectors Series 7")
24.How Could I Live - The Sharkes (Studio One 7")
25.Consider Me - Jennifer Lara (Studio One 7")
26.It's You - Glen Washington (Studio One 7")
27.Baby Love - The Sensations (Techniques 7")
28.Let's Dance - John Holt(Studio One 7")
29.No Sunshine - Ken Boothe (Soul From Jamdown, PK/Blood and Fire LP)
30.Come Back My Darling - Johnny Osbourne (Techniques 7")(this record is probably mislabeled)
31.Ain't to Proud to Beg - Slim Smith (Just a Dream, ClockTower LP)
32.It Won't Be This Way(Always) - The King Pins (Federal 7")
33.Kiss and Make Up - The Crowns (RnB 7")
34.Sweet Music - Horace Andy (Jam Rock Records 7")
35.The Girl Is Mine - Wayne Wonder & Thriller U (Techniques 7")
36.Just Don't Want to Be Lonely - Horace Andy (JamRock Records 7")

Monday, February 11, 2008

02.07.08 aMBIENT mInImaL AfriKa into RasTA ReBeL-LioN

A show in two halves today. The First hour or so covers the collision of acoustic and electronic impulses across minimal techno/\experimental/\jazz. Starting of with an incredible track by the late great Alice Coltrane.

Rade-Shyam-Alice Coltrane, Transcendence(Warner Bros. LP)
Lakeside- BLK JKS(JKS 10")
Mumkata- Colin Wallcott, Don Cherry, Mana Vasconcelos- (Condona, ECM LP)
{------mixed with-------}
Fizheuer Zehieur Pt. 1-Ricardo Villalobos(Playhouse 12")
/\/\/\/-mixed with-\/\/\/\/\
Magic- Eric Dolphy and Ron Carter (Magic, Prestige LP)
Recordando a Chico-Ultra Red(Plan De Austeridad. Beta Bodega 12")
Radiations on the Rise-Super Collider(Raw Digits, Rise Robots Rise LP)
Fun in Wonderland-Pansonic Featuring Alan Vega(Blast First 12"
Killode-Tony Allen(Maurizio Remix) (Honest Jon's 12")
Miles Davis DJ Cam remix
Skizze-Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto(Raster-Noton 12")

The second half of the show focuses on some dancehall and reggae with a political focus. A super tuesday dedication to our man Barack Obama.

Most Royal-Jah Mason(Jah Warrior 7")
Running from Jamaica-The Meditations(Meditations Music 7")
No Love-Prince Allah and Donovan Joseph(Roots Foundation 7")
Long Way Out- Jah Cure (Abijazz Music 7")
Jah Jah Call You- Hugh Roy (Prince Jazzbo Music)
Sweetest Sound- Sanchez(Techniques 7")
Jealousy- Franco Nero (Midas Music 7")
Doom-Anthony B
Define Yourself-Sizzla(Xterminator 7"
Every Nation A Bow- Big Youth(Techniques 7")
Rise To the Occasion- Sizzla(Don Corleon Records 7")
Sensi Addict- Mikey Murka(
Whole Lot of Fire- Niney the Observer(Observer 12")