Monday, February 11, 2008

02.07.08 aMBIENT mInImaL AfriKa into RasTA ReBeL-LioN

A show in two halves today. The First hour or so covers the collision of acoustic and electronic impulses across minimal techno/\experimental/\jazz. Starting of with an incredible track by the late great Alice Coltrane.

Rade-Shyam-Alice Coltrane, Transcendence(Warner Bros. LP)
Lakeside- BLK JKS(JKS 10")
Mumkata- Colin Wallcott, Don Cherry, Mana Vasconcelos- (Condona, ECM LP)
{------mixed with-------}
Fizheuer Zehieur Pt. 1-Ricardo Villalobos(Playhouse 12")
/\/\/\/-mixed with-\/\/\/\/\
Magic- Eric Dolphy and Ron Carter (Magic, Prestige LP)
Recordando a Chico-Ultra Red(Plan De Austeridad. Beta Bodega 12")
Radiations on the Rise-Super Collider(Raw Digits, Rise Robots Rise LP)
Fun in Wonderland-Pansonic Featuring Alan Vega(Blast First 12"
Killode-Tony Allen(Maurizio Remix) (Honest Jon's 12")
Miles Davis DJ Cam remix
Skizze-Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto(Raster-Noton 12")

The second half of the show focuses on some dancehall and reggae with a political focus. A super tuesday dedication to our man Barack Obama.

Most Royal-Jah Mason(Jah Warrior 7")
Running from Jamaica-The Meditations(Meditations Music 7")
No Love-Prince Allah and Donovan Joseph(Roots Foundation 7")
Long Way Out- Jah Cure (Abijazz Music 7")
Jah Jah Call You- Hugh Roy (Prince Jazzbo Music)
Sweetest Sound- Sanchez(Techniques 7")
Jealousy- Franco Nero (Midas Music 7")
Doom-Anthony B
Define Yourself-Sizzla(Xterminator 7"
Every Nation A Bow- Big Youth(Techniques 7")
Rise To the Occasion- Sizzla(Don Corleon Records 7")
Sensi Addict- Mikey Murka(
Whole Lot of Fire- Niney the Observer(Observer 12")

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