Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gideon Boot

I need a Gideon boot and a khaki suit,
I'll stand out in Babylon and defend the truth....

Pan of the Future

Just digitizing the stack of music I obtained during my all to brief trip to Trinidad and Tobago last week. My time there was almost entirely filled with the sounds of Jamaican music, which surprised me, though that just may have been what I was tuned into. Went to an amazing club in St. James on Friday which I can't remember the name off, and had my mind blown by the new Richie Spice single, blasted through righteous sound. Always good to hear the rough, short attention span style that people dj with in the Caribbean. One verse-one chorus-jump cut. The only Trini sounds I sighted in the whole session that evening was an amazing remix of Marlon Asher's "Ganja Farmer". Which is a serious jam.

The trip was also surprisingly devoid of steel drum music, until my last night, which was a Monday and seems to be the night when the bands practice. All night as I wandered around Woodbrook in Port of Spain I was treated to the ethereal shuffle of bands tuning up and locking in together. Below is an interesting video about the construction of steel pans. They have an interesting and singular history, totally apart from other tuned percussion, but incredible versatile. I've seen people play Mozart on them.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Elusive

Youtubery of the elusive Omar Hayat playing at last year's festival in Essaouira. Every guidebook blurb I've read about Moroccan music mentions this guy as being one of the few gnawa artists influenced by reggae, but no one in Morocco, particularly the CD vendors, seems to have ever heard of him.....

Anyone who knows anything about him or has any of his music let me know.....


Ok so I'm back at it. Been doing the radio for while but been seriously neglecting the blog for the last few months. I had new release back in january, an EP appendix to WAR which can be downloaded here.

Two new songs as well as a remix of "Xion Gate" by the great Pendle Coven. I'm in the process of mastering the new full length Teleseen record "Fear of the Forest", a sonic salve for all of you with dendrophobia out there.

Also the radio show is going strong. Listen to last week's show.

playlist soon come.