Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not an easy road

Posting this from Kampala Uganda, where I have been for the last three days. I'm here working with the incredible charity Keep A Child Alive, doing sound on a promotional film they are making to raise money for their clinics here in East Africa. In a few hours we will head to Rwanda for about five days, we spent all of last week in Kenya, the first few days in Mombasa and the last few in Nairobi.
This is my second time in Kampala and I've been having a really emotional time here. My first visit two years ago was truly incredible and I left feeling a strong emotional connection to this place, but at the time I was so caught up in the circus of the job I was here to do I didn't allow myself to really stop and listen to the trial and tribulations of the people here. This time around we have been at the Alive medical center in Nobongo, filming people's testimonials and the the experience has been overwhelming. The amazing difference that a small amount of capital can make in the lives of people is unbelievable. Most shocking is the infection rates in this, what is supposed to be one of africa' success stories in combating HIV. Talking to the doctors, hearing how of the 250 or so people they test a month, about 100 people are infected. That's almost %35!!! Shocking also to hear that the %4 national infection rate which is so lauded globally as a success story is reflective of only %10 of the population that has been tested. The lies and politricks that manipulate peoples lives globally never ceases to amaze me, and the muderation and manipulation of statistics is undeniable.
Have been privilidged to been in Africa during what has been an extremely big week here on the continent, what with the inditment of Bashir for war crimes by the hague, the power sharing agreement in Zimbabwe, and the arrests of rebel leaders here in Uganda which took place over the last few days. All of these developments come as mixed blessings, the indictment of Bashir is easily the most problematic. How is the Hague to act of this indictment? By pushing a coalition of nations to invade the Sudan? The last comparable situation was the arrest of Charles Taylor, who at the time of his indictment had far fewer friends in his own country than Bashir does. Whatever happens, the indictment represents a gigantic shift in the attitude of the global community towards the genocide in sudan, at long last. More on this later.

But wait, isn't this blog supposed to be about music?

Hit the CD stores here in K'pla, only to discover that here they don't sell manufactured CDs but rather you tell a guy sitting behind a computer what vibes you like and he burns a disc for you. Pulled about 250 songs, and sorting through them now as I travel to Rwanda, will post the choice cuts as the appear.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dubstep Gone Corporate

So check the triangulation bog for the first installment of the dj pause/radio ruido crate-off-needle-exchange takeover challenge of 08. The rules are this: each takes over the other's radio show with a crate of records pulled by the other from their collection. RR went pretty easy on me, it being the first time and all. He's not gonna be so lucky when he comes through here in August.
One discovery from his crate was the existence of Daddy Freddy and Asher D. A british Hip Hop duo from the 80's. These two are more explicit in their connections between ragga and hiphop than many of their contemporaries, like London Posse, who seemed to be going for a more distinctly British, non-NYC gazing sound. These guys are going for it straight out, posing on the cover looking like an carribeanified RUN DMC. Killer music. Check the playlist.
After doing the show we headed down the World Financial Center to see Kode 9(yes you read that sentence correctly). K9 was playing along with the Dub War crew as part of the city's ongoing summer River to River festival. I have to say it was probably the weirdest gig I have been to in years. First the start time was the very early hr of 8pm, which for anyone seasoned in ny clubing is lunchtime, and the venue; a vast glass and marble lobby of an office building right next to ground zero was an odd juxtaposition. That combined with the lack of alcohol, and the feeling that the audience was comprised of people who had just gotten off of work upstairs(architecture-blue dress shirts abounded) gave the whole gig a very very odd feel. I'm sure Kode 9 drew some pleasure from the Ballardy aspects of the venue, it was totally like a scene out of High Rise.
The music actually tended more towards funky and bassline then dubstep actually. Listening to K9 interviewed by Jace on Mudd radio the next day it was interesting to hear him contextualize funky in terms of it being like Soca. Another anglicized antecedent of a caribbean form. Though I'm not sure I'm convinced.

in other news,

fire blaze continually, to the fullest....

Monday, June 30, 2008

Forward to Azania

So it looks like I'll be heading to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa the week after next for a while to work on a promotional film for the charity Keep a Child Alive. I'm really excited about returning to East Africa, Uganda in particular. Didn't get to pick up any music last time I was there because the trip was so fast and I was busy working the whole time. I did however get a chance to link up with Lillian Mbabazi from the group Blu 3, who took me out on the town to hear some incredible Bongo Flava cuts in the clubs. I'm not going to let this trip pass by without picking up some music!
Meanwhile I'll be in South Africa(Azania) for quite a while, and have been trying to hook up some gigs and colaborations down there. Been delving into the large South African reggae scene a great deal in preparation, and this week's show delves into a few of those cuts, as provided by DJ Dope from the African Dope Soundsystem. Big Up!!!


Also this week a few previews of some tracks I've been working on for my upcoming album... And a little three turntable remix of the new Percepts release from /sonde/, which drops tomorrow. We're really excited to be releasing the debut 12" from this new artist, hopefully it will be the first of many. I've played the track in its unaltered form a few times on the show, but this time I took some liberties. Look for an official remix in the future...

Whap'n Bap'n - I-Roy(Babylon OST, Takoma LP)
Westbound Train - Dennis Brown (600% Dynamite, Soul Jazz LP)
Love is The Light - Horace Andy(Techniques 7")
Nah Bow Down - Ruff Scott(Guidance 12")
Every Thing She Want - The Lone Ranger (On the Other Side of Dub, Studio One LP)
Hard Stuff - Jim Nastic (Chaunting, Studio One LP)
I'm Still in Love With You - Alton Elllis (Alton Ellis Sings Rock and Soul, Studio One LP)
My Woman's Dub - Johnny Clarke(Roots Reggae Disco, Weed Beat, LP)
Ion Storm - Black Uhuru(The Dub Factor, Island LP)
Africa - Twinkle Brothers Meets Jah Shaka(Rasta Surface, Jah Shaka LP)
Horsie - Twilight Dub Circus Soundsystem(M LP)a+ Sono Cairo - Face A
Let Me Rock You Now - The Love Joys (Wackies LP)
You Don't Care For Me - Maxine Miller(Wackies 12")
After All(Version) - King Tubby(FireHouse 7")
After All - King Everall(Firehouse 7")
Warmongers - Barry Issac(Reggae on Top 7")
No Pity
Can We Get It On - Jack Radics(Slam Records 7")
Jah Children - Johnny Osboure(Wackies 7")
Natty Lead The Way - True Persuaders(Forward Roots 7")
Tempo - Anthony Red Rose(Firehouse 7")
Temper Temper - Rodney P(Low Life LP)
Prophecy is Fulfillment in the Mouth of the Land - Teleseen(Unreleased)
Face B - /SONDE/(Percepts 12")
Untittled - Teleseen(Unreleased)
Quanun Solo - Mohammed Issa Matona(Unreleased)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Fire Blaze

So the post have been few and far between, apologies. Last weeks playlist is a little spotty because most of the music of the Mahgreb I have doesn;t have any information in English on them and I have yet to get anybody to translate them for me. See below....

Moutapha Oumguli - Tassjilat El Hajeb
Face B - Sono Cairo LP
Cheb Handi(Production Mezian Cassette)
Ya Laylet El-id Instina - Oum Kathloum(AL Sett CD)
La Tsaloni - Nass El Ghiwane(Platinum Music CD)
Abdelaziz Ahouzar(Ahouzar Phone CD)
Track 8 -Top Rai????
Finaire - Douaa
Movado - Me and My Dogs
Don't Dis the Trinity - Capelton(Star Trail 7")
Rastafari Anthem - Alborosie(Forward 7")
Clean Up Campaign - Terry Ganzie(Scorpio 7")
No Light - Jah Vengance(Full Watts 7")
Plummy Mummy - Degree (MasterMind 2.5 7")
More Fire More Pressure - Juan Thyme Feat. Crosby(African Dope)
Alesh Feat. Jawad - Sonar Callibrado(Shockout Unreleased)
Baby - Cheeksta feat. Sizzla (Bootleg)
Trip Down The Nile - MRK 1(Planet MU LP)
Gun Boggle - Ninja Man
Janai - Omar Souleyman(Sublime Frequencies CD)
Gal Of I Dream - Tim Parr Featuring Zorro (African Dope CD)
Push Comes to Shove - Freddy McGregor(Weed Beat 7")

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back a Yard

So I'm back from traveling. New show this week and writing to come soon.

In the meantime, talking today with maga bo about the phenomenon of people filming their home stereos playing whole songs then posting it on youtube as a means of showing off their gear, bo brought this craziness to my attention...

This clip is called "Dubstep Tearing Up My Speakers".... Sonic masochism.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The ism and schism

So, apologies for the radio silence this past month, the blog has been slipping away. But my allergies have me firmly incarcerated in my apartment so I have time to catch up. First off you may notice that we've had a bit of a visual retro-fit around here, and once I wrangle with some server issues I'll have better mp3 post architecture and begin posting stuff from the large amount of obscure and out of print releases I have sitting around here.

Next week I head to Morocco for a few weeks and I should return with a large haul of gnawa, berber and maghrebi music that should keep us going for a few weeks...

In the meantime, on to this week's show....

This week we focus on dancehall and ragga, a wide spectrum of stuff from JA, London, and New York, from the 80's and 90's up to the present day. The other day digging through the $1 45s at A-1 music I found every voicing of the Likshot riddim on the massive b label. As it happens Massive B played this weekend at Galapagos along with Dead Prez, K-Salaam, and others. Massive B killed it, as expected, though I will say I was dissapointed(but not really surprised) to see them playing off Serato... Dead Prez was amazing, more polemics than music, blowing holes in the hope found in the ongoing success of Barack Obama.

"We didn't vote our way into this shit, how we gonna vote our way out?"

A good point. And I admire their unflinching anarchist nihilism when it comes to the American government, and even though I agree with them I feel the need to dance the electoral dance too. As Cornell West has said, if Obama wins I will celebrate for one day, then become his harshest critic.

But on to the music.

Also this week some choice, bhangra and kwaito cuts in the second hour....

check it:

Heart Attack - Dave Kelly(City Lock Records 7")
Lickshot - Rewind(Massive B 7")
9 To 5 - Sean Paul (City Lock Records 7")
Where's My Girl? - KMC(Massive B 7")
Highest Grade - Chronicle & Norrisman(Massive B 7")
If A War - T.O.K.(Massive B 7")
Red - Zebra(White Label 7")
Next Generation - Sean Paul(Mo Music 7")
Riggormortis - Tanya Stephens(Mo Music 7")
Headache - Version(Mo Music 7")
The Road to Zion - Damian Marley feat Nas(Ghetto Youths Unite 7")
Numbers - Organized Konfusion(Priority 12")
High Plains Drifter - Sholay(The Roots of Dubstep LP, Tempa)
No Coke Pipe - Top Cat(Catonine Tales, Catonine CD)
Me Too Bad - Buju Banton(VP Records 12")
On & On - The GTs(Taxi 7")
Come Forward - Bandulu(Marco Dub Infection, AstralWerks)
Anytime - Tester(10lb Sound 12")
Weh Dem Gone - Capelton(Wizer Remix 7")
Mt Zion - Sizzla(Don Corleon 7")
Matie Payroll - Beenie Man(Vibes House 7")
Hype Life - Scare Dem Feat. Bounty Killer (Fat Eyes 7")
All A Woman Want - Anthony B(Big Links 7")
Prove Them Wrong - Turbulance(Xterminator 7")
Put The Fire Pon Dem - Sizzla(Techniques 7")
Black Man Rise- Anthony B(Manatee 7")
Liberation Has Come - Yami Bolo & Capeton(Yam Euphony Music 7")
What Does It Worth? - Sizzla(Greensleves 7")
Majajne - Sukshinder Shinda(Living the Dream, Planet Records CD)
Can't Touch Me No More - Tanya Stephens(Greensleves 12")
Douta Mbaye - Alif(Out|Here LP)
Gabroo - Jazzy B(TIPS CD)
White Label - Filastine(White Label 12")
Samba - Son Palenque(Honest Jon's 12")
Atoti -Gidigidimajimaji(Out|Here LP)
Fuji Ouija - Diplo(Honest Jon's 12")
Skeng(Kode9 remix) - The Bug feat Killa P + Flowdan (Hyperdub 12")
Complain Neighbour- Tippa Irie(An England Story: MC Culture In The UK, Soul Jazz LP)
No No No - Dawn Penn(VP 12")

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Down in the Ghetto - Sister Carol(Black Cinderella, Jah Almighty LP)
Selassie I Teach Us - Jah Mason(Ranking Joe 7")
Wicked Babylon - U Brown(Ranking Joe 7")
Get On Up - Big Youth(Rock Holy, Negusa Nagast LP)
Hail Him - Sister Rasheeda(Rasheeda 12")
Hurt So Good - The Upsetters(Trojan 12")
Roady(Nutmen Mix) - Fat Freddy's Drop(Kartel 12")
Things Change - Warrior Queen(Soul Jazz 12")
Paper Planes - MIA(XL 12")
Notorious(Socios Version) - Turbulence(Ghetto Arc 12")
Sensi - White Label
White Label - Kromestar
Look to The East - The Bush Chemists(Conscious Sounds 10")
Bazaar - African Head Charge(On-U Sound LP)
The Further Down - Medium Medium(The Glitterhouse, Jem Records LP)
Death Disco - Public Image Limited (Virgin 7")
Kether Hot Kneves - A Certain Ratio(DD 12")
Bug in the Bassbin - Innerzone Orchestra(Planet E CD)
Deserter(Fourtet Remix) - Matthew Dear(Asa Breed, Ghostly CD)
Hiding Your Present From You - Arthur Russell(Audika CD)
Magnetic(Dub) - Ectomorph(Interdemensional Transmissions CD)
Mikrophone 1 - Karlhienz Stockhausen(Columbia LP)
Archangel(Lief Remix) - Burial(mp3)
Archangel - Burial(HyperDub LP)
Gys Low(Soultek Remix) - Polycubist(Zer0gsounds 12")
My Eyes Are Closed - Calvin Incline(Digital English 7")
D.E.O.M. Dub - Digital English(Digital English 7")
The First Cut Is The Deepest - Norma Fraser(Studio One 7")
SuperStar Remix - Jah Life (Jah Life 12")

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This weeks broadcast follows a little bit of a different format. Guest Ty Bertrand brings us field recordings from sufi mazars in Lahore Pakistan made while working on the film "Kashf". The word Kashf translates directly to "the unveiling", however its a sufi term which represnts something more akin to a metaphysical change. The film is currently in postproduction. We also listen to some recordings made by myself while in Pakistan in 2005.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mother, Mother....

Twilight - Carl Craig(Paris Live, Planet E 12")
Reverse Tachion Beam - DMX Krew(Rephlex 12")
Hyped-Up Plus Tax(OutPutMessage Remix) - Dabrye (Ghostly 12")
Ulysses(Fax Remix) - Murcof(Leaf 12")
Lost(Live) - Electric Birds(EtherDrag 12")
Found a Way feat. Tikiman - Main Street(Main Street 12")
House Restoration - Plex (Beta Bodega 12")
Us vs. Us - Recloose(RushHour 12")
Dem Never Know(SleepArchive Mix) - Rhythm & Sound(Burial Mix 12")
Flow - Osunlade (Auquarian Moon, BBE CD)
Love is Spiritual - Joi/DJ Ichiro (Common Ground 12")
Eledewdu of Agege - Thank You God(Honest Jon's 12")
Kass Kass -Syran M'Benza(African Music Gallery 12")
Great Stone - Gussie P(Rubble Music 12")
Submerge - Dusk + Blackdown(Keysoundrecordings 12")
The Lift - Plasticman (Road 12")
Gold - Komet(Raster-Noton 12")
Shooting Stars & Asteroids - Bjork/Bogdan Roczynski(Rephlex 12")
When I Come Back Around - Jamie Lidell(Warp 12")
21st - Cabaret Voltaire(The Arm of the Lord, Some Bizarre Records LP)
wierd White Label 7" I got in Chicago years ago, Beautiful packaging but no label or artist info, I have few more from the same folks that I found around CHI record stores at the time, more to come.
Mother Sky - Loop(Eternal*The Singles, Chapter 22 Records LP)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Love is God's Money....

"I and I work at a radio station
and I and I obey all the regulation..."

mikey dread

Oh Me Oh My - Lloyd Chambers (Lovers For Lovers, The Bussiness Records LP)
Roots Rocking - Aswad(Island 7")
Kipling - Jim Nastic(Chaunting, Studio One LP)
Still Waters - The Tamlins (DEB Music 12")
Truths and Rights - Johnny Osbourne(Studio One 7")
Tide is HIgh - U-Roy(State Line 7")
Dreadlocks In the Moonlight - Lee Perry (Upsetters 7")
Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs(African Museum 7")
Pressure Me(Dub) - King Tubby(Fire House 7")
Bring the Sensi Come - Johnny Osbourne(Right Rock Music 7")
To The Rescue - Tanya Stephens(VP 7")
Fort Augustus - Junior Delagado(Taxi 7")
Better Collie - Horace Andy(This World, Attack LP)
Red Hot - Sly & Robbie(Taxi 7")
SchoolGirl - Mikey Dread(Dread at the Controls CD)
The Spirit of Umoja - Augustus Pablo(DEB Disco 12")
Walk Rastafari Way -Mikey Dread(Dread at The Controls CD)
Sun is Shining - Prince Alla(Freedom Sounds 12")
Read Up - Afrikan Simba(Salvation for The Now Generation, Urban Gospel CD)
Praise You Jah Jah - Micheal Prophet(Yabby You Disco 12")
Yekitir Tezeta - Mulatu Astatke(Soundway 10")
Cheyla Ya Haiuune - Group Doueh (Sublime Frequencies LP)
Tamatant Tilay - Tinariwen(Aman Iman:Water is Life, World Village CD)
Tumhein Dillagi - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan(The Evergreen Hits of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, SunMoon CD)
Asmarina - Fedadu Amde-mesqel (Ethiopiques Vol. 4, Buda CD)
Suns of Africa - Sunny Murray(Homage to Africa, BYG LP)
mixed w/
No Knock - Gil Scott Herren
Juba Juba - Yusef Lateef(The Blue Yusef Lateef, Atlanic Records LP)
mixed w/
Nowadayz - Jaylib(Champion Sound, Stones Throw LP)
God's Money V - Gang Gang Dance(Gods Money, The Social Registry LP)
Build - Diverse(Chocolate Industries 12")
Time Bandits - M.A.D. (Backwoodz 12")

Thursday, March 20, 2008

RIP Mikey Dread

Sad to say that this past friday the great reggae producer vocalist and pioneering radio deejay Mikey Dread passed away at his home in Connecticut. He leaves us too soon at the age of 54.
It is hard to overstate his influence on reggae music. He was the first deejay to play reggae on the JBC(remarkably not until 1976!), and his show, Dread at The Controls went on to pioneer a fusion of Carribean dj styles and the sonic experimentalism of Dub and first broke many of the new reggae artists of the day. He was know world wide as a brilliant engineer and producer, working with Clash and UB40 among others and performing on the Sandanista! record.
His incredible baritone sing-jay stlyes are featured on a few tracks on todays radio show(playlist soon come).

He will be missed.


In other non-musical but equally important news Barack Obama this week gave what may be the most singularly direct and coherent speech about race in America that I have ever had the privilege of seeing in the 15 or 20 years I have been following politics. He made a number of astute observations about the different ways we veiw each other and our personal struggle to get ahead in the capitalist shitsystem(my words not his...). Among other things he was spot on about the attitude the working class so-called "ethinic" whites have about race in America. Above all, for me, its refreshing to hear a political speech and really see a mind a work. In this culture where we are so taught to devalue critical thinking and intellectual exercise unless it makes money. You've probably all seen it but I still feel the need to repost it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Grounds of Being from Africa to Central Asia

Momma Mo Akoma Ntutu - Genesis Gospel Singers(The Guitar and The Gun, Africagram LP)
Tudo Azul N'America Do Sul - Abilio Manoel(Osean 7")
Bayama Part 1 - Fire Family Band (Luapula 7")
Mister Oh! - Syran Mbenza(African Music Gallery LP)
Dakar Streets - Manu Dibango(Island LP)
No Woman No Cry - Gilberto Gil(Elektra 7")
Si Useme - Rachid King(Makossa 12")
Dangwa - Manu Dibango(Atlantic 7")
Ase - King Sunny Ade and His African Beats(Island 7")
Midnight Birds - Sa-Ra Creative Partners(Blue Note 12")
Timing, Forget the Timing - Black Devil(Rephlex 12")
Dominic Christ - Suicide(WaxTrax! LP)
Lemonsoul - 808 State(Outpost Transmission, Circus CD)
Deck The House - Akufen(Force Inc. 12")
Kingstown - Kode9(HyperDub 10")
Brooklyn Anthem(Accapella) - Team Shadetek feat Jah Dan & 77Klash (SoundInk 12")
Prophecy Is Fulfillment in The Mouth of the Land - Teleseen(Fear of the Forest, Percepts, Unreleased)
Abraxisis - Echospace(Modern Love 12")
For The Smokers - Matty G(Argon 12")
Everyday - Kush Arora feat Juakali(Kush Arora CD)
Super Soul - Nick Fury(Metatronix 12")
Copy Copy - Timeblind(Soot 12")
Kaushik Dhwani - G.S. Sachev (Chandi Productions LP)
A Gulf Between Us - Muslimgauze(Staalplaat CD)

Monday, March 17, 2008


Imposter- Afrikan Simba(The Age of Venus Records 7")\
The Drill - Zion I (Live Up 12")
Dem Nah Like Me - Ghislain Poirier feat Mr. Lee G (Shockout 12")
One Time - Peter Miles ft Meshan (Out Here 12")
Call Me - Ghost & Saba Tooth (Taxi 7")
Body Work - DJ C feat Zulu (Community Library 10")
White Label - Filastine
Dem Girls(Al-Haca remix) - Mahlon Stewart feat Zege Sum (Redbud 12")
My Life - Dabyre (Ghostly 12")
Slums - The Reavers (Backwoodz LP)
Fresno State of Mind - Planet Asia (Deeper Concentration , OM LP)
Climax- Slum Village (Fantastic, Wordplay LP)
Arroyo - Ahmad Miller/Yesterday's New Quintet (Stones Throw LP)
Kilode(Wajeed Remix) - Tony Allen (Honest Jon's 12")
Wake Up - Mapstation (Staubgold LP)
What We Gwan Do? - Recloose feat Joe Dukie (Planet E 7")
Wayfaring Stranger - Jamie Woon
Wayfaring Stranger(Stitch Remix) - Jamie Woon(Live 12")
In The Morning(Alex Smoke Remix) - Junior Boys (Domino 12")
Side C - Radio Rudio(False Rosetta, Free103 7")
Jungle Man Corner - Smith and Mighty(Bass is Maternal, !K7 LP)
Hungry Bully - Kromestar(White Label)
Imitator - The Bug vs. Rootsman feat Daddy Freddy (Tigerbeat6 12")
Get Lost Babylon - Yabby You (Yabby You Disco 12")
???Ragga Jungle White Label????
Ghetto Story(Tester Remix) - Baby Cham feat Alica Keys(White Label)
Reggae Explosion - Philip Frazer(I Who Have Nothing, Razor Sound LP)
Nothing Ever Done Before the Time - White Mice(Basic Replay 12")
One For the Money - Leroy Smart(Jah Life 12")

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dub the United

Talk to Them - Rev. Badoo (Jah Life 12")
Chant Rub A Dub - Al Cambell(Dynamite Records 7")
Reggae Explosion - PhIlip Fraser
Magic Man - Trevor Sparks (Digital English 7")
Dub in the Backseat - Upsetters (Clock Tower Classics 7")
Sacred Realm - Alpha and Omega (Tree of Life, A&O LP)
Giver of Life - Jah Shaka (Jah Shaka 12")
Williamsburg - Lynn Taitt (PK 10")
Ital Corner - Prince Jazzbo (Clock Tower LP)
Massacre in the Ghetto - Alpha & Omega(City of Dub A&O Records LP)
Congoman(Carl Craig Edit) - The Upsetters(Honest Jon's 12")
Run Come Dub - (Jah Screw Time1 12")
Painful Dub - Unknown (Guidance Dub Comp LP)
Android Rebellion - Black Uhuru (The Dub Factor, Island LP)
Life Inna Jailhouse - Afrikan Simba (Ayamba 10")
Shotta - Sluggy Ranks (Bionic DeeJay 7")
Where Did The Good Vibes Go? - Chezideck (Digital B 7")
Super Powers - Alpha Blondy (Cocody Rock, Sanachie LP)
Cay's Crays(One Self Remix) - Fat Freddy's Drop(Kartel 7")
Things a Gwaan - Andrew Bees (Basic Replay 12")
A Message to You Rudy - The Specials (Chrysalis LP)
Saxaphone No. 2 - Lord Kitchener (London is the Place for Me, Honest Jons LP)
Congo Man Chant - Earnest Ranglin (Island Jamaica Jazz 12")
Money is the Root of All Evil - Dan Boadi and the African Internationals(Aestuarium LP)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Jazz of Shape to Come

I wanna give back
more than the music
more than this track....

1.Skotiaro - Amampondo (Amampondo Alive! Claremont LP)
2.Shango- Olutinj:Drums of Passion (Columbia LP)
3.I Remember - Hamza El Din Escalay: The Water Wheel (Nonsuch LP)
4.Band 1:Dance Sfax - Unknown (Traditional Dance Music of Tunisia, Araf LP)
5.Enanga - Unknown(Africa:Cerimonial & Folk Music)
6.Dusk - Hallucinator (Chain Reaction 12")
7.Anna - Anna (Perlon 12")
8.Calypso - James Joyce's Ulysses Reading by students and faculty of State University College, Freedonia, NY, Folkways LP)
9.Song For Tracy Dixion Summers - Bennie Maupin (The Jewel in the Lotus, ECM LP)
10.Miss K - The Young Jazz Rebels (Plug Research 12")
11.Fuck Back - Burnt Friedman and the Nu Dub Players (Non-Place 12")
12.White Label - Dubloner
13.Romy - Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem(M Records LP)
14.Walking With Jah - Digital Mystikz(Soul Jazz 12")
15.Waves of Infinite Harmony - Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio(Ninja Tine 12")
16.Right Here in Front of You - Tony Allen and Unsung Heroes (Comet 12")
17.Metamorphosis - The Cheebacabra (Metamorphosis, Mackrosoft LP)
18.Hollywood - Sa-Ra Creative Partners (Good Music 12")
19.Before I Die - The Heliocentrics feating Guilty Simpson(Now Again Records 12")
20.Legal Alien - Freestyle Fellowship (To Whom it May Concern..., Sun Music LP)
21.Sodium Glusamate - MF Doom (Special Herbs, High Times Records 12")
22.Africa - Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers(Celluloid LP)
23.Is All Not One? - Tony Scott, Shinichi Yuize, Hozan Yamamoto(Music for Zen Meditation, Verve LP)
24.Hana - Asa Chang & Jun Ray (Jun Ray Chang Song LP)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Close the Vein

Interesting video in which Thomas Brinkmann demonstrates the means by which he makes rhythm tracks with simply a boxcutter and manipulated last grooves. This process seems to me to be a fantastic meta commentary on both techno and minimalism. Strange to make a music that stakes its livelyhood on its futureshock out the material detritus of other genres. Its hard to tell from the clip but it looks tp me like the center label of the record he's playing is an old columbia jazz record. I also wonder why he has chosen to cut most on the record away leaving only an oblong frame around the center label, was this decision technical or aesthetic? Of course there is a long history of using lock grooves in techno djing, my own first introductions into producing electronic music was manufacturing 4 to the floor kick tracks and synth washes to be pressed onto lock grooves as a way of making a quick buck.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Interesting ad from Japan for Kirin Lager featuring an older, grayer Yellow Magic Orchestra. This ad seems to be trafficing in some kind of post-modern reverse orientalism. YMO have always reversed and played into/with their otherness, and Sakamoto's solo work also travels this terrain. His work with David Sylvian in particular could be seen as a Japanese reinterpration of Englishless. Together they queer the orientalism of Sylvian's early work with Japan(the band not the nation) into something other than the sum of its parts. Yet Sylvian's work can definitely be seen as definitively English, part of off a tradition that stretches back through psyc and english folk, that includes artists as diverse as Coil, Bowie, Bauhaus, Current 93 and others. Imagine if Sakamoto had called his first band "England" and worn white face and saucer eye glasses... The bizarre cultural tension between these two island empires, which in many ways are mirror images of eachother informs their colaboration.....

thanks to radio ruido for thoughts and discussion.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Born to be happy, never born to be sad....

A valentines day dedication... A collection of tracks that could be losely termed "lovers rock", though that term is generally only applied to music from London's reggae scence, specifically stuff on the Ariwa label. The only track on todays show that fits that descrition is the amazing "Thank You For the Many Things You've Done" by Cassandra, taken here from the soundtrack to Franco Russolo's seminal 1983 film about the British reggae scence "Babylon". In Jamaica and New York, where most of these tracks hail from these types of songs are usually referred to simply as "girl tunes". Most of the tracks on today's show come from either Sly & Robbie's Taxi label, or Sir Coxsonne Dodd's Studio One Records or sub-labels of each. With the notable exception of the young and brilliant Bitty McLean(pictured above) whose music is released on London's Peckings imprint. Enjoy....

1. African Girl- Jigsy Dollar(Corner Stone Church of Music Congress 7")
2. Mi Love Mi Girl Bad-Flouran & Sanchez(Sonic Sounds Oldies 7")
3. Winner- Jim Nastic(Chaunting, Studio One LP)
4. Rude Boy - Lloyd Hemmings(Fire House 7")
5. Morning Ride-Yellowman (Mister Yellowman, Greensleeves LP)
6. Rocky Music-Struggle(Taxi 12")
7. I, Who Have Nothing- Philip Fraser (Roots Tradition 7")
8. Permanent Lover- Gregory Isaacs (African Museum 7")
9. Story Book Children- Ernest & the Soul Vendors (Studio One 7")
10.Baby Why - Cables (Studio One 7")
11. Walk Away From Love - Bitty McLean (Peckings 7")
12. Thank You For the Many Things You've Done - Cassandra (Babylon OST, Takoma LP)
13.Found Her - Munga (Militant Muzik 7")
14.Good Love - Cherine (Love and Devotion Compilation, Taxi CD)
15.Have You Ever Been in Love Before? - Dennis Brown (Taxi 12")
16.Come On Girl - Dennis Brown (Dynamite Records 7")
17.Moonlight Lover(Remix) - Barrington Levy (Renegade, Jah Life LP)
18.Love You Bad(Lioness) - Afrikan Simba (Salvation For the New Generation, Urban Gospel CD)
19.Love & Devotion - Jimmy Riley (Taxi 12")
20.Love & Devotion 2007 mix - Delly Ranks and Jimmy Riley (Love & Devotion Compilation, Taxi CD)
21.I Need Your Love - Slim Smith (Just a Dream, ClockTower LP)
22.A Cruising - Bitty McLean (Peckings 7")
23.Loving Arms - Count P AllStars (Collectors Series 7")
24.How Could I Live - The Sharkes (Studio One 7")
25.Consider Me - Jennifer Lara (Studio One 7")
26.It's You - Glen Washington (Studio One 7")
27.Baby Love - The Sensations (Techniques 7")
28.Let's Dance - John Holt(Studio One 7")
29.No Sunshine - Ken Boothe (Soul From Jamdown, PK/Blood and Fire LP)
30.Come Back My Darling - Johnny Osbourne (Techniques 7")(this record is probably mislabeled)
31.Ain't to Proud to Beg - Slim Smith (Just a Dream, ClockTower LP)
32.It Won't Be This Way(Always) - The King Pins (Federal 7")
33.Kiss and Make Up - The Crowns (RnB 7")
34.Sweet Music - Horace Andy (Jam Rock Records 7")
35.The Girl Is Mine - Wayne Wonder & Thriller U (Techniques 7")
36.Just Don't Want to Be Lonely - Horace Andy (JamRock Records 7")

Monday, February 11, 2008

02.07.08 aMBIENT mInImaL AfriKa into RasTA ReBeL-LioN

A show in two halves today. The First hour or so covers the collision of acoustic and electronic impulses across minimal techno/\experimental/\jazz. Starting of with an incredible track by the late great Alice Coltrane.

Rade-Shyam-Alice Coltrane, Transcendence(Warner Bros. LP)
Lakeside- BLK JKS(JKS 10")
Mumkata- Colin Wallcott, Don Cherry, Mana Vasconcelos- (Condona, ECM LP)
{------mixed with-------}
Fizheuer Zehieur Pt. 1-Ricardo Villalobos(Playhouse 12")
/\/\/\/-mixed with-\/\/\/\/\
Magic- Eric Dolphy and Ron Carter (Magic, Prestige LP)
Recordando a Chico-Ultra Red(Plan De Austeridad. Beta Bodega 12")
Radiations on the Rise-Super Collider(Raw Digits, Rise Robots Rise LP)
Fun in Wonderland-Pansonic Featuring Alan Vega(Blast First 12"
Killode-Tony Allen(Maurizio Remix) (Honest Jon's 12")
Miles Davis DJ Cam remix
Skizze-Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto(Raster-Noton 12")

The second half of the show focuses on some dancehall and reggae with a political focus. A super tuesday dedication to our man Barack Obama.

Most Royal-Jah Mason(Jah Warrior 7")
Running from Jamaica-The Meditations(Meditations Music 7")
No Love-Prince Allah and Donovan Joseph(Roots Foundation 7")
Long Way Out- Jah Cure (Abijazz Music 7")
Jah Jah Call You- Hugh Roy (Prince Jazzbo Music)
Sweetest Sound- Sanchez(Techniques 7")
Jealousy- Franco Nero (Midas Music 7")
Doom-Anthony B
Define Yourself-Sizzla(Xterminator 7"
Every Nation A Bow- Big Youth(Techniques 7")
Rise To the Occasion- Sizzla(Don Corleon Records 7")
Sensi Addict- Mikey Murka(
Whole Lot of Fire- Niney the Observer(Observer 12")

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Welcome to Ecotone Radio. This is our maiden voyage.....

An ecotone is the transitional area between two different ecosystems. Its the place where grassland becomes dune, jungle becomes desert, city becomes suburb. An ecotone can be a slow crossfade or a jagged splice. Ecotone radio seeks to explore the overlaps and disjunctions between competing musical ecosystems, the dialouges, wars, orgies, transmigrations, spats, group meditations, flash floods, reincarnations, and identity crisises that happen when different spheres of activity meet each other. Covering genres as broad as reggae, bassline, dub, dancehall, cosmic jazz, ragga, reggaeton, ragga-jungle, calypso, kwaito, dub-step, minimal, kuduro, electroacoustic, down-tempo, highlife, ambient, manzuma, hiplife, noise, hiphop, grime, breaks, bass, IDM, post punk, steppers, gnawa, bhangra, qawalli, free jazz, garage, soul jazz, soca, free improv, microhouse, two-step, cumbia, ghetto tech, kwela, hyphy, soul, breakcore, maghrebi, electro, and countless others that have yet to be imagined. We will use the zero-sum solution of the dj mixer to examine how musical ideas are mashed up and reinterperated through post-colonial cultural transmission, and geographic and sonic overlap.

"Fire Burn"- Churchical Chants of the Nyabingi
"Yayayay Yayayaya" Black Blood & Thembi(Biram Records 7")
"Can I Come Back For More?" Eddie Quansah(Island Records 7"
"Dancin' & Prancin'" Candido (SalSoul Records 7")
"Hot Mud" Afrique(Mainstream Records "7)
"Senegal"-Seven Roots (RKM Records 7")
"Nabali Misere" Comp. Mayulana Mayoni Orchestra(Zerbi Records 7")
"Samba/Falable Lewe" King Sunny Ade and His African Beats(Island LP)
"Indodo Yejazi Elimnyama" Amaswazi Emvelo, The Indestructable Beat of Soweto(Sanchie)
"Anye"-Shewandagne Hailu
"Pursuit" African Head Charge, Shrunken Head(On-U Sound double LP)
"Sibingelela Ufosatu" The Clover Choir, South African Trade Union Choirs(Rounder LP)
"That Haiku" Medium Medium, The Glitterhouse(JEM Records LP)
"Oya"Olutanji, Drums of Passion
"Jah Shall Reign" The Twinkle Brothers, Rasta Surface(Jah Shaka LP)
"Down For Jah Love" Judy Green(Dubwise 10")
"Free Up The Herb" African Simba(Reality Shock Records 10")
"Victory" Dandie Lion (Concious Sounds 10")
"Chill Out" Black Uhuru(Island Records LP)
"Zombie Zones" Dennis Bovell
"Making History" Linton Kwesi Johnson
"Try a Thing" White Mice(Intellec 7")
"Soundboy's Ashes Get Chopped Up and Snorted" Shackelton(Skull Disco 12")
"Nitemarz" Hijak(Tectonic 10")
"Skeng" The Bug featuring Skepta (Hyperdub 12")
"Lahore & Marsielle" Muslimgauze(Staaplaat CD)
"There 4 me" The Shape of Broad Minds, Craft of the Lost Art

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