Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Close the Vein

Interesting video in which Thomas Brinkmann demonstrates the means by which he makes rhythm tracks with simply a boxcutter and manipulated last grooves. This process seems to me to be a fantastic meta commentary on both techno and minimalism. Strange to make a music that stakes its livelyhood on its futureshock out the material detritus of other genres. Its hard to tell from the clip but it looks tp me like the center label of the record he's playing is an old columbia jazz record. I also wonder why he has chosen to cut most on the record away leaving only an oblong frame around the center label, was this decision technical or aesthetic? Of course there is a long history of using lock grooves in techno djing, my own first introductions into producing electronic music was manufacturing 4 to the floor kick tracks and synth washes to be pressed onto lock grooves as a way of making a quick buck.

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