Monday, June 30, 2008

Forward to Azania

So it looks like I'll be heading to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa the week after next for a while to work on a promotional film for the charity Keep a Child Alive. I'm really excited about returning to East Africa, Uganda in particular. Didn't get to pick up any music last time I was there because the trip was so fast and I was busy working the whole time. I did however get a chance to link up with Lillian Mbabazi from the group Blu 3, who took me out on the town to hear some incredible Bongo Flava cuts in the clubs. I'm not going to let this trip pass by without picking up some music!
Meanwhile I'll be in South Africa(Azania) for quite a while, and have been trying to hook up some gigs and colaborations down there. Been delving into the large South African reggae scene a great deal in preparation, and this week's show delves into a few of those cuts, as provided by DJ Dope from the African Dope Soundsystem. Big Up!!!


Also this week a few previews of some tracks I've been working on for my upcoming album... And a little three turntable remix of the new Percepts release from /sonde/, which drops tomorrow. We're really excited to be releasing the debut 12" from this new artist, hopefully it will be the first of many. I've played the track in its unaltered form a few times on the show, but this time I took some liberties. Look for an official remix in the future...

Whap'n Bap'n - I-Roy(Babylon OST, Takoma LP)
Westbound Train - Dennis Brown (600% Dynamite, Soul Jazz LP)
Love is The Light - Horace Andy(Techniques 7")
Nah Bow Down - Ruff Scott(Guidance 12")
Every Thing She Want - The Lone Ranger (On the Other Side of Dub, Studio One LP)
Hard Stuff - Jim Nastic (Chaunting, Studio One LP)
I'm Still in Love With You - Alton Elllis (Alton Ellis Sings Rock and Soul, Studio One LP)
My Woman's Dub - Johnny Clarke(Roots Reggae Disco, Weed Beat, LP)
Ion Storm - Black Uhuru(The Dub Factor, Island LP)
Africa - Twinkle Brothers Meets Jah Shaka(Rasta Surface, Jah Shaka LP)
Horsie - Twilight Dub Circus Soundsystem(M LP)a+ Sono Cairo - Face A
Let Me Rock You Now - The Love Joys (Wackies LP)
You Don't Care For Me - Maxine Miller(Wackies 12")
After All(Version) - King Tubby(FireHouse 7")
After All - King Everall(Firehouse 7")
Warmongers - Barry Issac(Reggae on Top 7")
No Pity
Can We Get It On - Jack Radics(Slam Records 7")
Jah Children - Johnny Osboure(Wackies 7")
Natty Lead The Way - True Persuaders(Forward Roots 7")
Tempo - Anthony Red Rose(Firehouse 7")
Temper Temper - Rodney P(Low Life LP)
Prophecy is Fulfillment in the Mouth of the Land - Teleseen(Unreleased)
Face B - /SONDE/(Percepts 12")
Untittled - Teleseen(Unreleased)
Quanun Solo - Mohammed Issa Matona(Unreleased)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Fire Blaze

So the post have been few and far between, apologies. Last weeks playlist is a little spotty because most of the music of the Mahgreb I have doesn;t have any information in English on them and I have yet to get anybody to translate them for me. See below....

Moutapha Oumguli - Tassjilat El Hajeb
Face B - Sono Cairo LP
Cheb Handi(Production Mezian Cassette)
Ya Laylet El-id Instina - Oum Kathloum(AL Sett CD)
La Tsaloni - Nass El Ghiwane(Platinum Music CD)
Abdelaziz Ahouzar(Ahouzar Phone CD)
Track 8 -Top Rai????
Finaire - Douaa
Movado - Me and My Dogs
Don't Dis the Trinity - Capelton(Star Trail 7")
Rastafari Anthem - Alborosie(Forward 7")
Clean Up Campaign - Terry Ganzie(Scorpio 7")
No Light - Jah Vengance(Full Watts 7")
Plummy Mummy - Degree (MasterMind 2.5 7")
More Fire More Pressure - Juan Thyme Feat. Crosby(African Dope)
Alesh Feat. Jawad - Sonar Callibrado(Shockout Unreleased)
Baby - Cheeksta feat. Sizzla (Bootleg)
Trip Down The Nile - MRK 1(Planet MU LP)
Gun Boggle - Ninja Man
Janai - Omar Souleyman(Sublime Frequencies CD)
Gal Of I Dream - Tim Parr Featuring Zorro (African Dope CD)
Push Comes to Shove - Freddy McGregor(Weed Beat 7")

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back a Yard

So I'm back from traveling. New show this week and writing to come soon.

In the meantime, talking today with maga bo about the phenomenon of people filming their home stereos playing whole songs then posting it on youtube as a means of showing off their gear, bo brought this craziness to my attention...

This clip is called "Dubstep Tearing Up My Speakers".... Sonic masochism.