Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Fire Blaze

So the post have been few and far between, apologies. Last weeks playlist is a little spotty because most of the music of the Mahgreb I have doesn;t have any information in English on them and I have yet to get anybody to translate them for me. See below....

Moutapha Oumguli - Tassjilat El Hajeb
Face B - Sono Cairo LP
Cheb Handi(Production Mezian Cassette)
Ya Laylet El-id Instina - Oum Kathloum(AL Sett CD)
La Tsaloni - Nass El Ghiwane(Platinum Music CD)
Abdelaziz Ahouzar(Ahouzar Phone CD)
Track 8 -Top Rai????
Finaire - Douaa
Movado - Me and My Dogs
Don't Dis the Trinity - Capelton(Star Trail 7")
Rastafari Anthem - Alborosie(Forward 7")
Clean Up Campaign - Terry Ganzie(Scorpio 7")
No Light - Jah Vengance(Full Watts 7")
Plummy Mummy - Degree (MasterMind 2.5 7")
More Fire More Pressure - Juan Thyme Feat. Crosby(African Dope)
Alesh Feat. Jawad - Sonar Callibrado(Shockout Unreleased)
Baby - Cheeksta feat. Sizzla (Bootleg)
Trip Down The Nile - MRK 1(Planet MU LP)
Gun Boggle - Ninja Man
Janai - Omar Souleyman(Sublime Frequencies CD)
Gal Of I Dream - Tim Parr Featuring Zorro (African Dope CD)
Push Comes to Shove - Freddy McGregor(Weed Beat 7")

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