Monday, May 5, 2008

The ism and schism

So, apologies for the radio silence this past month, the blog has been slipping away. But my allergies have me firmly incarcerated in my apartment so I have time to catch up. First off you may notice that we've had a bit of a visual retro-fit around here, and once I wrangle with some server issues I'll have better mp3 post architecture and begin posting stuff from the large amount of obscure and out of print releases I have sitting around here.

Next week I head to Morocco for a few weeks and I should return with a large haul of gnawa, berber and maghrebi music that should keep us going for a few weeks...

In the meantime, on to this week's show....

This week we focus on dancehall and ragga, a wide spectrum of stuff from JA, London, and New York, from the 80's and 90's up to the present day. The other day digging through the $1 45s at A-1 music I found every voicing of the Likshot riddim on the massive b label. As it happens Massive B played this weekend at Galapagos along with Dead Prez, K-Salaam, and others. Massive B killed it, as expected, though I will say I was dissapointed(but not really surprised) to see them playing off Serato... Dead Prez was amazing, more polemics than music, blowing holes in the hope found in the ongoing success of Barack Obama.

"We didn't vote our way into this shit, how we gonna vote our way out?"

A good point. And I admire their unflinching anarchist nihilism when it comes to the American government, and even though I agree with them I feel the need to dance the electoral dance too. As Cornell West has said, if Obama wins I will celebrate for one day, then become his harshest critic.

But on to the music.

Also this week some choice, bhangra and kwaito cuts in the second hour....

check it:

Heart Attack - Dave Kelly(City Lock Records 7")
Lickshot - Rewind(Massive B 7")
9 To 5 - Sean Paul (City Lock Records 7")
Where's My Girl? - KMC(Massive B 7")
Highest Grade - Chronicle & Norrisman(Massive B 7")
If A War - T.O.K.(Massive B 7")
Red - Zebra(White Label 7")
Next Generation - Sean Paul(Mo Music 7")
Riggormortis - Tanya Stephens(Mo Music 7")
Headache - Version(Mo Music 7")
The Road to Zion - Damian Marley feat Nas(Ghetto Youths Unite 7")
Numbers - Organized Konfusion(Priority 12")
High Plains Drifter - Sholay(The Roots of Dubstep LP, Tempa)
No Coke Pipe - Top Cat(Catonine Tales, Catonine CD)
Me Too Bad - Buju Banton(VP Records 12")
On & On - The GTs(Taxi 7")
Come Forward - Bandulu(Marco Dub Infection, AstralWerks)
Anytime - Tester(10lb Sound 12")
Weh Dem Gone - Capelton(Wizer Remix 7")
Mt Zion - Sizzla(Don Corleon 7")
Matie Payroll - Beenie Man(Vibes House 7")
Hype Life - Scare Dem Feat. Bounty Killer (Fat Eyes 7")
All A Woman Want - Anthony B(Big Links 7")
Prove Them Wrong - Turbulance(Xterminator 7")
Put The Fire Pon Dem - Sizzla(Techniques 7")
Black Man Rise- Anthony B(Manatee 7")
Liberation Has Come - Yami Bolo & Capeton(Yam Euphony Music 7")
What Does It Worth? - Sizzla(Greensleves 7")
Majajne - Sukshinder Shinda(Living the Dream, Planet Records CD)
Can't Touch Me No More - Tanya Stephens(Greensleves 12")
Douta Mbaye - Alif(Out|Here LP)
Gabroo - Jazzy B(TIPS CD)
White Label - Filastine(White Label 12")
Samba - Son Palenque(Honest Jon's 12")
Atoti -Gidigidimajimaji(Out|Here LP)
Fuji Ouija - Diplo(Honest Jon's 12")
Skeng(Kode9 remix) - The Bug feat Killa P + Flowdan (Hyperdub 12")
Complain Neighbour- Tippa Irie(An England Story: MC Culture In The UK, Soul Jazz LP)
No No No - Dawn Penn(VP 12")

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